Keeping fit is a hard task, especially for busy entrepreneurs and constant travelers. There's just so much to do in one day that going to the gym for a little exercise routine cannot be squeezed into the schedule.

Fortunately, though, technology is a great help for those people who still want to keep up with a fit and healthy lifestyle but always on the go. Exercise apps, social media- these are helpful tools to aid you in maintaining your fitness regime. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Track your calorie intake with MyFitnessPal. When traveling to a new place, it can't be helped that trying out the local cuisine is part of your trip. And because most of these dishes are new to you, you have no idea how healthy or bad they are. Forbes reported that with MyFitnessPal, you can input every dish you've eaten and calculate all your calorie intake. It might seem fussy, but for those extra sensitive about food intake, this app is best for them.

Watch fitness videos on Youtube. Tons of fitness channels on Youtube show short exercise and fitness videos. According to the Points Guy, Some of them are really specific and short so you have an idea on what part of your body you need to hone in just a few minutes. Most of these exercises are best done at home too, so you can still keep healthy in your hotel room without going to the gym.

Get inspired with the Nike Training Club App. This useful app is a beginner and advanced friendly, so you have a whole lot of workout choices that vary from how many minutes you want to spend, and on how intense you want your workout to be that day. There are also video demonstrations on how to perform specific workouts, so all in all, you have nothing to lose.

Follow Insta-motivators on Instagram. A fitness social media influencer is maybe just what you need if you need daily motivation and inspiration to get your workout going. There are lots of Insta-motivators on Instagram, both for men and women. So if you feel a little uninspired in jumpstarting your daily dose of healthy lifestyle, watching a short clip of their videos may be helpful.