Traveling with your loved one is everyone's relationship goals. These days, millennial couples' idea of a date gravitates to exploring new places rather than dining at fancy restaurants—because experiences trump material possessions.

And now, destination weddings are also becoming a hit. Getting married on a secluded beach in the Pacific Islands? Yes, please! Even just getting to invited to such events is a big score, as such, you must compensate in the gift-giving department. There are lots of useful and beautiful stuff all travel-loving couples will surely like. Here are some great ideas:

 Nikon D5300 Camera Starter Kit. You'll be the star of the night if you give this gift to your favorite just-married couple. What better way to capture all their travels than with a handy camera kit that has everything they need for a good photo? According to Travel and Leisure, the travel-friendly Nikon D530 retails at $720 in Amazon.

His and Her Ted Baker Suitcases. This gift is an absolute steal. It's a bit pricey so maybe you and a couple of other friends can split and go in on it. Suitcases are essential for travel anyway, and everyone knows Ted Baker is the one you go for ultra-handy, suitcases that will last for years, according to Love and London.

Mini Travel Scrapbook. It might not be as bulky and expensive as usual wedding gifts, but travel-lovers will surely love the thought of this one. Add in a handwritten letter and suggest to put all the lovely photos and memorabilia of their honeymoon in here, you'll be rewarded with a lot of thanks.

Anywhere Travel Guide. This is a fun gift to give to couples who are always down for more adventures. It's a handy card set that gives you fun ideas and challenges to try whenever you are visiting a new town or city. It's still fun even if you have to do them alone, so why not buy one for yourself as well?