Star Wars fans, rejoice! Rumors have it that an immersive Star Wars-themed resort is currently in the works by Disney, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will surely excite all Disney fans.

Apparently, a third party company is being employed by Disney to conduct guest surveys about the possible addition of such a resort, according to Travel Market Report. The survey accumulates information about guest preferences on what the whole experience would be like, as well as possible concept art.

Disney hasn't made an announcement on this yet, but specific details about the resort have been leaking. Unofficially called "Starship", it's apparently a two-day all-inclusive experience for guests that will take them completely inside the Star Wars universe.

Walt Disney World News Today initially released the possible details of staying in the "Starships" resort. Top features include experiencing two-days' worth of story plot set in Star Wars Universe, participating in iconic Star Wars' programs such as lightsaber training, ship exploration, personalized secret missions, and flight training, and have exclusive, personal exchanges with iconic Star Wars characters.

Travel agents already in the know about the rumored Star Wars resort are all optimistic about the idea, although some of them commented about the whole thing being non-commissionable. Judy Fiorello at Cruise Planners said: "I feel this would be such a fabulous idea. It would make it even more exclusive if only Disney agents could book it, much like the Palifotos OTW bungalows at Karisma resorts. It heightens the experience when it's a true specialty. This would also strengthen the partnership between agents and Disney."

Of course, all of the experience wouldn't be complete unless the whole place is built lavishly up to the smallest of details. Each guestroom is said to cater around four pax each, with amenities that include an onboard cantina, a pool area & water garden, a fitness area, and even a droid butler!

The whole thing is estimated to cost around $900-1000 per pax-- but being an all-inclusive experience, all your meals for two days are already in the package. The price also includes park admission to the soon-to-be-open Star Wars themed land at the Walt Disney World Resort.