Every day, Tom Turcich dedicates his time traveling 21 miles, roughly one mile an hour, in doing his "World Walk." The walk he does, which began from the United States stretched onward to South America, is no easy feat. But his inspiration for doing so, along with using a single baby carrier for traveling, has its peculiar reasons that make sense.

According to GearPatrol, Turcich began his journey because of AnneMarie. She was a friend during his teenage years and the girl died in a jet-ski accident. Turcich said that it was his first experience with death and that it could happen at any time. He realized he had to live his life to the fullest every single day. To do this, he became friends with a bike trailer maker who built him a cart.

His idea of seeing the world by just walking and taking it slow inspired the owner, who then helped him find sponsors and get his name in the newspaper to help fund his journey. Currently, Philadelphia Sign, his major sponsor, is donating one dollar per mile walked to AnneMarie's scholarship fund, a fund to help educate other children.

According to his official travel website, Turcich began his five-year journey across seven continents from his New Jersey home. The lifestyle, along with using a simple baby carriage to carry his things, has helped him force himself into an adventure every day. Aside from traveling with Savannah, a dog he befriended in Texas and has since traveled with him, he takes amazing photographs of his treks especially when he arrives at great photography vantage points.

He also writes a journal to "deeper dive into his journeys." His website hosts these writings in a blog format where Turcich writes about Savannah, his near-death experiences and his overall impression of his day. The reflective writing allows him to digest all he has learned from his walks.

Turcich had also done an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit where he puts more aspects of his journey in detail thanks in part to better questions sent by Reddit users curious of his lifestyle. Interested readers can check them out here.