The genius of Heisenberg has passed away since the end of "Breaking Bad" season six, but the places that witnessed his transformation still exist in the real world. Fans of the cult hit series can check out these filming locations and relive some of the most memorable scenes.

Albuquerque liters with all things "Breaking Bad." Buffs of the series can easily recognize Heisenberg's hometown and the meth country in this old sprawling city and tour around the different filming locations or take any of the tours themed around the series. The best place to kick-start your tour, according to Lonely Planet, is in the city's Northeast Heights where you can find Marie and Hank's house in the foothills.

On the way down at 9516 Snow Heights Circle you'll find that Octopus Car Washes will look strikingly familiar. That's because it's the filming location for the A1A Car Wash that Skyler managed in order to launder Walter's drug money. Then there's the house in 3828 Piermont Drive in the Northeast Heights where Walter White lived with his family. "Breaking Bad" fans will never be able to look at that house again and not remember the pizza on the roof.

The owner of the house named Frances Padilla lived there for more than 40 years and rented it to the "Breaking Bad" series in 2008, according to Mic. As a result, about 200 fans visit this filming location every day just to snap pictures. Relax at the park where Mike used to take his granddaughter, grab some lunch at Savoy Wine Bar & Grill where Walter met with Gretchen Schwartz or have a drink at Paul's Monterey Inn where Walter and Jesse Pinkman met to talk about murder.

Head next to the city's Downtown area where you'll find the Pinkman residence, Tuco's hideout and other iconic "Breaking Bad" filming locations. Stop by at The Grove restaurant, Walter and Lydia's meeting place or enjoy some booze at Burt's Tiki Lounge where Combo used to sell meth. Don't forget to don a hat and sunglasses just to resemble the iconic look of Heisenberg when you find yourself in Albuquerque.