Layla Lace is lambasting the "Hotline Bling" rapper for evading her after he learned that he got her pregnant. In a lengthy Instagram post, the model aired her anger towards the rapper and even shared screenshots of their text conversations to prove that her claims were true. Copies of her pregnancy test results dated April 17 were also made public by the model.

She claimed that they met when DJ Spade introduced them as he was contacted by the playboy rapper as reported by Perez Hilton. Drake saw her photos online and he got interested in meeting her. She flew to London to meet the "One Dance" artist who was on tour at that time. Two months later, she was expecting his child.

Her claims that the artist ceased communicating and did not even want to see her were publicized on Monday. On the same day, she publicized their exchanges and the proof of her pregnancy.

Whether her claims and her posts were true are now the subjects of the scrutiny of his fans. But there is one person who did not doubt Layla's claims - Drake's frenemy Chris Brown.

Hollywood Life reported that Rihanna's ex was not surprised with Lace's allegations. A source close to the "Five More Hours" singer revealed that he was never fooled by Drake's prince charming personality and he knows how he fools around. The source added that Brown said Lace should have known his cheating ways.

The woman victimized by the "Fake Love" singer is a published cover model with more than 100k Instagram followers. She takes sexy photographs of herself and shares them on her account which has caught Drake's attention.

The famed ladies' man is yet to air his side to the issue. He was reported to have lambasted a high-end club for "racial profiling" during his appearance at the 2017 Coachella just recently.