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‘Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation’ Episode 15 Review: Naruko Shows His All-Rounder Skills!

Travelers Today       By    Fernz Lasco

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 09:25 AM EDT

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The 1000 kilometer training camp has drawn a conclusion in the latest episode of "Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation" that was titled "Koga's Goal." The squad's Team Captain, Teshima Junta have proven his worth to the team by defeating the Stamina Simpleton, Kimitaka Koga. Now that the old feud within the current third years is finally over, fans got to see the Inter High line-up evolve in the training camp as well as some unexpected visitors.

Rivalries played a huge role in the series particularly to the character developments of the protagonists. It is what pushes the main characters of the series to break their limits and push forward to reach their goals. Just like Kinjou to Fukutomi it is refreshing to see that the old rivalry between Imaizumi and Naruko is still as hot as ever.

According to Anime News Network, Naruko is keeping his promise to Midousuji to abandon his flashy ways as a sprinter. His previous race with the gross ace of Kyoto Fushimi pushed him into becoming an all-rounder and get stronger. Naruko stated that his new goal is to defeat Midousuji to reclaim his status as a sprinter and he proved his new resolve by beating Imaizumi in completing the 1000 kilometers first.

Speaking of the Kyoto Fushimi, two of their members made a surprise appearance in Sohoku's training camp to scout them. Midousuji and the muscle freak Komari has set their eyes on the second-year ace Imaizumi stating that the other member aside from the second-year trio was not good enough. Komari is very eager to feel Imaizumi's muscles so bad that he went off to see him in person, however, he met Onoda instead.

The two of them had a small conversation where Onoda mistook him as a Sohoku Cycling Club junior where he used Makishima's Conversation Skill to be a good senpai as reported by Lost in Anime. We also got to see Onoda's gentle side where Komari seemed disappointed to the spectacled champion. However, he was surprised to see that Onoda is no pushover when he accidentally felt him when he slipped on his cleats.

All in all, "Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation" Episode 15 is full of action and food for thoughts that set up the future events in the series. It's good to see that Onoda will be receiving racing lessons from Koga and the appearance of Makishima by the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Kaburagi is still struggling within himself where he was given some signs that he is not an all-rounder as he thought.

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