"Dance Moms" coach Abby Lee Miller is experiencing an avalanche of losses at present. Her dramatic exit from the show that gave her wealth, her forthcoming sentencing, and her disallowed shows led the former show trainer to lose money.

The owner of Abby Lee Miller Dance Studio recently used her social media account to slam the producer of her reality show. She cited the manipulation of the show, the credit not given to her for her ideas and contributions to the show, and being treated as "dirt" are the reasons why she resigned from the show.

The 50-year-old dance coach thought of making money while continuing her rant against the show. She scheduled two Q&A sessions in New York and New Jersey. She planned for two tell-all shows where she would reveal all the "trade" secrets of the show. The fans were reportedly charged $65 for tickets to watch Miller.

The convicted dance instructor whose net worth is $2 million was disallowed by the court to travel as her sentencing date is near. Miller's bond provisions include that she will not be allowed travels on days nearing her sentencing. She was previously allowed to do business abroad but this time, the court denied her travel request. The reason stated was that the court has to conduct a hearing to allow her to travel but the time of filing for her request was not enough.

Celebrity Insider reported that Miller sent emails to ticket holders that they will receive a refund for the tickets. Abby Lee Miller's financial status is greatly affected after she left "Dance Moms" since the show was instrumental for her wealth. In fact, the show's earnings are the subject of her fraud cases involving $775,000 which is the show's earnings after she filed for bankruptcy. She concealed the said money but was later discovered. She pleaded guilty to the charges and her sentencing will be on May 8.

Her cases are her worst nightmare. Aside from possible prison term, she will not be earning for 2.5 years. Her ALDC merchandise will be affected. In fact, her favorite student Maddie Ziegler no longer wants to be associated with the name as reported by Celebeat. When asked in a game about her most embarrassing username, she answered "ALDC Dancer Maddie."

"Dance Moms" will continue as usual under the leadership of "Dancing with the Stars" alumna Cheryl Burke. Abby Lee Miller is no longer connected with the show. Will it continue to shine as during the time of the convicted coach?