Summer is on its way, and planning your ideal vacation is something to look forward to this year. After days of being busy with everyday life and responsibilities, a summer escape is the best way to relax and let go for a little bit.

Lots of ideal vacation spots all across the globe are waiting for you and your family and friends to experience and enjoy. Depending on your tastes, there sure is somewhere best suitable for you. Let us help you with choosing where to go for a summer travel escape with these exciting vacation spots:

Indura Beach & Golf Resort, Tela Bay, Honduras. We all clamor to be in a beautiful, luxurious resort, but sometimes, the only thing that hinders is the affordability of these places. If you and your family want to experience luxury without breaking the bank, then Indura Beach & Golf Resort is the right place for you. Tons of activities await in this beautiful resort, something you and your whole family will surely enjoy.

Campeche, Mexico. This summer, why not skip the raucous crowds in overrated vacation spots and discover a new destination to travel with your friends? Try and visit Campeche, located in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, for an enriching cultural experience you'll only experience once in your life. It's a historic old town that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with cultural attractions you'll never see anywhere else.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort, Mexico. You might want to bring just your partner to this place, especially when you're both open-minded to try new things. In both Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort and Desire Riviera Maya Resort, they offer exclusive experiences that cater to less inhibited guests like an optional-clothing atmosphere, provocative theme nights, couples' workshops, and more. It's a refreshing yet different way to relax and enjoy the summer.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Latina beauty of Buenos Aires still hasn't faded, and up to this day, it's still a fantastic tourist destination for travelers looking for unique, exciting, and memorable experiences. Even a simple walk in its cobblestoned streets is romantic, and the city's neighborhood is filled with artsy shops, quaint café's, and friendly locals. What's more, getting to Buenos Aires doesn't require you paying so much for an overseas fare.