Condominiums, apartment buildings and vacation homes with swimming pools, regardless of the size, are something considerably luxurious. A unique swimming pool design adds to the overall extravagance of the venue, which in some cases, it could be outrageous, such as this glass bottom pool in Houston that puts swimmers up 500 feet in the air over Houston's traffic.

According to CNN, the "cantilevered glass-bottomed infinity pool," which the apartment calls the "sky pool," is a new feature in a 40-storey apartment in Houston's downtown area. The swimming pool is likely made of tough plexiglass over 8-inch thick. The pool's length is only 10 feet on the side of the Market Square Tower. It might seem short but this ensures the glass and all fastenings are tightly wound to avoid any undesirable accidents at this stage. The pool is also an extension of the rooftop pool of the building.

However, the plexiglass bottom pool is only available for residents. Outsiders who would want to try the experience would need to be a friend of a Market Square Tower resident. Travelers in China are luckier to have a unique pool open to the public in the form of this Y-shaped vacation house with a unique pool in its convex.

Dezeen and Chron both state that Jackson & Ryan Architects designed and completed the project by November 2016. However, CNN states that Kudela and Weinheimer Landscape Architects designed the pool.

According to project developer for Market Square Tower Woodbranch Investments Corporation's CEO Philip Schneidau, the "sky pool" and other future additional amenities in the Market Square Tower were "meticulously researched by our team" to enhance the "residential experience" in Houston. It does add to the flair of the tall Market Square Tower; sunsets with skylines and an infinity pool that puts residents in illusionary suspension is a perfect way to relax or exhilarated.

The Market Square Tower is a luxury apartment that offers a $1,805 for a 564-square-foot studio type apartment. A $18,715 monthly fee is needed to stay in an approximately 3,000-square-foot penthouse suite, which is near the infinity pool and offers views of the Buffalo Bayou Park or Market Square Park.