Visiting Disneyland is truly magical and brings the child in you, but if you're very lucky, you could also be part of their secret world which is Club 33, Disneyland's private club. A rumor is spreading that this exclusive club may soon open its doors in Walt Disney World.

First opened at Disneyland Park in 1967, it's a place where only the VVIP can enter and lounge around. It's almost impossible to be a member, unless you're someone influential and knows someone from the inside, of course. Also, according to Travel and Leisure, becoming a member means you have to pay $25,000 in memberships fees, and yearly dues even go up as much as $12,000.

Currently, there are only three branches of Club 33 in the world. The original one is located in Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, and the other two branches in Shanghai and Tokyo Disneyland, Theme Park Insider reports. No concrete details have been shared with the public just yet, and no official announcement have been made by Disney.

The only gist of this rumor is that Club 33 may open at the Orlando resort this fall, as well as have locations in each of Orlando's four theme parks: Disney's Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. If all of this is true, then it's exciting indeed.

Aside from being totally private and having an elite clientele, Disneyland's Club 33 is also the only place in the park to serve alcohol. Different kinds of cocktails, wines and champagne are apparently available at the club, served by really efficient staff who waits on you with your every need.

The food served at the club is also sumptuous and mostly features five or more courses per meal. It's an exclusive experience only one-percenters are able to wallow in, but if the word that Club33 is branching out is true, then maybe we have a very slim chance of knowing what it's like.

Care to join the club? The waiting list is said to be really long, with names waiting to be taken off the list for years. Avid fans can contact for more information and further details.