Katie Holmes and long-time friend and lover Jamie Foxx have decided to go public with their clandestine romance. The ex-Scientologist will soon become free from a signed clause that connects to her divorce settlement with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

The clause states that she cannot date any man in public after their separation and never to talk about Cruise or his religion. According to News, the actress signed the agreement to hasten the processing of their divorce and her custody of her daughter Suri Cruise will not be jeopardized. The five-year period ends this year.

According to AOL, the "Eternal Princess" star is tired of hiding which she and Foxx have been doing for years. To avoid being seen in public, they have to travel on tinted cars and have to use the back elevator. They have to carefully plan out every meeting including Holmes' birthday getaway in Mexico.

The couple is now letting go of their private affair and go public. They were spotted dining at a restaurant in New York which signals their decision to be seen public. The duo has been hiding for long and now they are free.

Kati Holmes and Jamie Foxx were friends even during her marriage to the "Mission Impossible" actor. Tom Cruise and Foxx are good friends. After the divorce has been finalized, they were reported to be dating. However, nobody admitted the relationship.

Their relationship has been the subject of many speculations. Now that they are out, they can enjoy their relationship with their children. Jamie has two children, Corinne, 22 and Annalise, 7 while Katie has one. Holmes was stepmother to Nicole Kidman's two adopted children with Tom Cruise - Isabella and Connor.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce was finalized on August 20, 2012, after living together for seven years. Jamie Foxx was never married and refused to talk about the women he used to love.