The #KeepFightingMichael" support slogan of the bed-ridden racing champion Michael Schumacher was recently removed by Mercedes from their 2017 cars. Loyal fans of the German racer were enraged after Mercedes failed to continue what they promised that they will not take off the slogan for as long as Schumi is alive.

According to Daily Star, the family headed by his wife Corinna Schumacher was behind the slogan removal. The family that has been suffering from the aftermath of the head of the family's accident in 2013 ordered that the slogan is taken off as revealed by a German newspaper. The paper further reported that Mercedes will continue to work closely on the continuation of the #KeepFightingMichael initiative. Mercedes issued a statement saying that the removal is purposely to "clear the way for the motto to be used in a different way in the future."

Fans of the "man who walks on water" speculated that something happened to the racer that they were afraid to know. However, no such news was divulged to the public. The condition of Michael Schumacher remains private as he continues with his rehabilitation therapy at his home in Switzerland.

While his father is shielded from the limelight, Mick Schumacher is in it right now. He is due to race for Formula 3's season opener this weekend as reported by SBS. The younger Schumacher is slowly etching his name in the field of racing where his father occupied the top post. The race is a stepping stone towards F1.

Mick Schumacher will be competing in ten F3 races, including three before home fans in Germany, at Nuerburgring, Norisring, and Hockenheim, for his current team, Prema Powerteam. To date, the younger Schumacher holds a second world championship place and second European championship spot in the kart series, while finishing second overall last season in F4.

The 18-year-old racer admitted that he is following the footstep of his father who is his idol. Michael Schumacher has raised up another champion with the same caliber as his.