"Girlboss" is Netflix's latest offering set to air on April 21. It is a story of a millennial named Sophia Amoruso who is behind the success of the brand Nasty Gal. How she was able to make a fortune in eBay in a way that nobody wants to follow is the focus of the new show.

Sophia is the exact epitome of everything people dislike about millennials. Britt Robertson of "Tomorrowland" plays the title role. Mashable describes her character as someone who is lazy, rude, and reckless. But these negative traits in her did not deter her climb to financial success.

Amoruso wrote a novel about her journey towards Nasty Gal where this new female-centered show was based. Sophia was in her early twenties and became one of the pioneers in eBay market. She sells various items but more of vintage clothing. The venture made her the "Girlboss" which is the title of the show.

The pilot episode showed the millennial having car trouble in a highway hill with a trolly tailing behind her. The driver told her to move her car away and she ended up pushing her car.

The next scene showed her talking to a lady about her woes. The lady told her "your generation is so fucked up." She slept with her drummer boyfriend, ended up late for work and eventually got fired. She was seen spending her working hours browsing eBay. She acquired a vintage jacket for $9 instead of $1.

Then she walks the streets proudly wearing her jacket, steals a carpet, gets something for her stomach from a dumpster, goes to the park and lies on the carpet while eating. The episode ends with Sophia contemplating on selling the vintage jacket on eBay. But she thinks that if she puts it on and poses in front of a rug background, she might get a higher price for it. Then her success story starts.

Comic Book reported that the 13-episode series will star aside from Robertson, Johnny Simmons, Alphonso McAuley and Ellie Reed. There will be cameo roles for Jim Rash, RuPaul, Dean Norris and Norm Macdonald.

Kay Cannon is the show creator who is behind "New Girl," "Pitch Perfect," and "30 Rock." Charlize Theron is executive producer along with the real-life Amoruso. "Girlboss" airs on April 21 on Netflix.