Avid stoners and marijuana users can now smoke weed in a spiritual level with the help of the International Church of Cannabis, a new church in Denver that will open coincidentally on the April 20 or what is commonly known as 4/20. The place is designed to be a place of worship for cannabis users.

The church is more than a hundred years old and has been carefully restored through the efforts of Steve Berke, the church's new landlord. The dilapidated church now looks very festive and colorful with the murals and paintings done by some of the famous artists in the world.

According to Men's Health, Kenny Scharf is the one responsible for the murals painted outside of the building. He was known for the paintings he made in New York's East Village during the 1980s. When you step inside the church, you will be met with vivid colors and swirls with the ceiling design done by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel. He said that "It's a visceral experience to walk into a 113-year-old church and see this much color."

9News reported that the International Church of Cannabis is not a place simply for recreational weed smoking. Members of the church are called "elevationists", and they believe that weed is a sacrament that can be used to hone the best versions of themselves and their lives.

Steve Burke said that they are a non-profit 'religious' organization and that their church won't be a place to sell marijuana or any of its accessories. Locals who live nearby the church are concerned about the kind of impact the church will make towards the neighborhood, but Burke said that they want to do great things for the community.

On 4/20, the church will open and welcome weed smokers everywhere who believes in the vision and mission of their church. A celebration will lace the opening and would include guests such as guest speakers, academic panels, musicians and comedians.