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Emirates Joined The Trolling Bandwagon Aimed At United Airlines

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Apr 14, 2017 06:30 AM EDT

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Emirates Airlines took a dig at United Airlines after it released a new video commercial clearly dragging the controversial airlines over its latest scandal involving the "passenger-dragging" incident. The 34-second clip was clearly aimed at United CEO, Oscar Muñoz, which shocked the airline industry and garnered mixed reactions from the public.

The first few seconds of the clip highlighted Muñoz's words saying "Those [Gulf] airlines aren't airlines," in a statement he apparently said on March 2 this year. "Well Mr. Muñoz, according to TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, not only are we a real airline, we are the best airline," the clip then showed.

Emirates won the 2017 Travel Choice Awards by TripAdvisor in several categories such as Best Airline in the World 2017, Best Economy Class 2017, and Best First Class 2017. The video then ended by mocking United's famous slogan, "fly the friendly skies", and replacing it with "Fly the friendly skies... this time for real."

According to Business Insider, the feud between Emirates and United has been going on for a long time. United, along with American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, has long been accusing the Dubai-based airline and other Middle Eastern airlines such as Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways of receiving over billions of dollars in government subsidies. Muñoz also told Business Insider that these Middle Eastern airlines were threats to US jobs.

The social media is bursting with spoofs of United and its unfriendly and harsh approach towards the passenger who was dragged off the controversial Chicago flight. According to The Independent, Royal Jordanian also joined the bandwagon and tweeted a picture of a cigarette with the caption, "We would like to remind you that drags on our flights are strictly prohibited by passengers and crew."

US-based airlines are conspicuously silent about the whole ordeal, though. Although a Southwest logo broke the internet, it was proved to be just a spoof. The logo was retooled to say, "We beat the competition. Not you."

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