"The Big Bang Theory" season 10 is down to its last three episodes. The third to the last episode will air on April 27 with the title to be announced later. The succeeding episodes will be aired on May 4 and May 11. CBS has not given details on the upcoming episodes but fans may, as usual, expect them to come before the airing date.

According to Carter Matt, there are lacking details on the episode stories that may be tackled before the end of season 10. First is Penny's character as played by Kaley Cuoco. The source wrote that Penny is shortchanged professionally on the show. Her past before her relationships with guys is a good story line to be expounded before the new season comes.

Second is Raj (Kunal Nayyar), his financial scarcity and the situations that led him to depend on Penny and Leonard to survive is suggested by the above source as something interesting. The third nice thing to be tackled is Bernadette and Howard's existence with their baby Halley growing into their world. How the couple can cope with their growing family and the adjustments they have to make will also be featured.

Meanwhile, episode 21 titled "The Separation Agitation" which was expected to focus on Leonard and Penny's relationship was shifted to Bert and Stuart. Bert got a new girlfriend this time. According to Glamour, the episode told more about Bernadette's return to work and just a bit about the Lenny tandem.

But the episode has foreshadowed a big change in Penny and Leonard's relationship which has been brewing in the past. The episode title seems to be about the impending demise of their relationship and not just baby Halley's agitation being separated from her mom.

In the episode, Sheldon pointed out that Bert's new girlfriend reminded him of Penny who was a bombshell and can do anything except on something concerning science. She fell for the anti-suave scientist Leonard. This was seen as a sign of things to come where Jim Parson's character pointed out the weakness of their relationship.

In the episode, Penny told Bert that relationships are about respect and having things in common. Sheldon said to Penny, "You and Leonard don't have anything in common. Maybe you two should break up." The exchange seems to convey a possible separation.

Was episode 21 really about Penny and Leonard's breakup? Stay tuned for updates on upcoming episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" season 10.