One intoxicated pilot allegedly groped a woman aboard a British Airways plane -- and he is now facing his second suspension in months, The Sun in London reported.

After drinking several whiskeys, the pilot grabbed the woman, who was sitting next to her husband in first class, announcing, "I want to f**** her," according to The Sun.

He attempted to get into the cockpit -- even though he wasn't part of the crew that day -- declaring, "I want to rape the flight deck," The Sun reported. He then collapsed in front of his passengers on the plane traveling from London to Japan, where he was scheduled to pick up another flight.

This incident wasn't the first slip-up for the pilot -- not part of the crew that day -- a veteran first officer who just returned to his £100,000-a-year job after being suspended for punching a steward in the face last summer, according to The Sun.

British Airways confirmed to The Sun that the pilot was suspended, and airline insiders added that there was "no chance" he would ever don an airways uniform again.

One source told The Sun, "He should have been sacked last time."

This was not the first time a British Airways pilot was accused of gross misconduct, MSN Travel Bite reported. Pilot Martin Greathurst was fired last year after allegedly texting a sexually explicit photograph of himself to a woman he met on a flight with another airline, the website reported.

Although the groping pilot was not a crew member, this incident comes on the heels of another drunk pilot report with a different airline. Just last month, Kolbjorn Jarle Kristiansen, an American Eagle pilot on a New York-bound plane at Minneapolis-St. Paul, was arrested after failing a blood-alcohol test. Witnesses alerted airport police that the pilot smelled of alcohol before he boarded the LaGuardia-bound plane, according to USA Today.

In 1990, all three members of a Northwest Airlines crew were legally intoxicated when they flew 91 passengers from Fargo, N.D. to Minneapolis, Bloomberg Businessweek reported. They all served prison sentences, and one of the pilots, Joseph Balzer (who has resumed his career, now with American Airlines) wrote a book called Flying Drunk.