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Elite Thailand Residency Costs An Exorbitant $60,000 But Comes With Its Own Concierge Service

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Apr 12, 2017 05:17 AM EDT

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Thailand's government is keen on tapping its heavy immigration traffic to improve its economy. It has recently introduced "elite" residency status memberships that feature a state-sponsored concierge program enabling foreign residents to earn immigration, licenses and other formal legal needs for employment and starting ventures in the country easily—all for the exorbitant sum of $60,000 for 20 years.

According to Business Insider UK, the Thai government will also include a $600 a year membership fee aside from the $60,000 initial residency cost. Given Thailand's economy, wealthy foreign nationals with elite residency could only spend about $3,000 a year in the country.

Along with facilitating required government forms, the concierge service also provides airport transfers and even two dozens of spa treatments and golfing trips for foreigners, which makes the $600 membership fee a discounted vacation package deal somewhat.

Nextshark also reports that with Thailand's high number of foreign tourists traveling its beaches, cities and historic sites, it makes sense that Thai government would like to tap into the immigration situation. Many foreign nationals have plans to remain in Thailand as residents, but its formerly stringent requirements needed nationals to marry or have family in the country.

Aside from the $60,000 "Elite Ultimate" residency membership, foreign nationals could go for less with the "Elite Easy Access" $15,000 package that provides five years of residency. An entry-tier membership, the $10,000 package for 10 years of residency but without the perks of spa treatments and golfing trips, and yearly checkups.

According to Thailand Elite Program President Pruet Boobphakam, the government would "rise to the occasion for our members" in the form of facilitating government help and requirements. This support includes providing a work permit swiftly or requirements to acquire a "beneficial second or third residence" to help expand their interests in the country, may it be business or lifestyle.

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