Brian Johnson, the lead singer of the pioneering rock band AC/DC, is moving into mainstream media as the host of a new UK TV show that would feature the lives of different performers touring the world. The show would feature different musicians in each episode, and it is expected to have a format similar to modern lifestyle television programs.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the show has begun production. UK television channel Sky PLC describes "Brian Johnson's A Life On The Road" would put "one of rock music's iconic and tour-hardened frontmen" to "[give] us a brand new and exclusive take" on "live performance, touring and being 'on the road." The former AC/DC vocalist's show would star iconic rock musicians for its first season, including Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, England-based singer and musician Sting, Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and more.

Joe Elliott commended Brian Johnson's new show. He said he felt humbled being extended an invitation and to be counted as one of the "extraordinary" guests Johnson has on the show. His segment with the AC/DC vocalist took about eight hours to shoot where they visited different bars and venues in Dublin, namely The Temple Bar area and The Porterhouse HQ.

Brian Johnson was forced to retire from AC/DC after medical examinations revealed that the vocalist had to stop or else he would risk being completely deaf. The ungainly retirement has the band still open to the idea for his possible return, according to Metal Insider.

Johnson is still optimistic he could still perform in his later years. Rolling Stone said Johnson is confident that inner ear technology could possibly help his hearing improve. He was positive the ADEL Hearing Technology, led by in-ear monitor pioneer Stephen Ambrose, could help him have a second chance at performing live.