Almost everyone knows the name Channing Tatum. He's one of Hollywood's most-loved actors and has starred in some hit movies such as "21 Jump Street," and of course, "Magic Mike" and its sequel, "Magic Mike XXL."

Fans of "Magic Mike" then would be especially glad for this awesome news: At the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, the "Magic Mike Las Vegas" has already started its previews this week. This 80-minute show is co-directed by Channing Tatum himself.

If you're familiar with "Magic Mike XXL," the scene where the fictional Club Domina was featured is going to be the story of the production. More than just really hot guys doing sexy dance moves to the throng of women watching, "Magic Mike Las Vegas" also aims to empower the women watching the show, according to Teresa Espinosa, associate director of the production, as reported by Las Vegas Sun.

"We came to Las Vegas two years ago to do some research and it was really eye-opening and revealing just how badly this experience needs an uplift. We saw Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under and there's not a lot to offer women these days," she said.

"We were surprised at how excited the women actually were for the smallest thing a guy would do ... I remember one of the dancers in one of the shows did an elbow freeze, which was cool but pretty basic, and women went nuts for it. We knew at that moment the bar was set pretty low, and we knew we could blow these women's minds for real."

The show is a long time coming. The production team spent two years producing and perfecting the show, along with an intense recruitment process, which resulted in a very talented cast that consists of 13 men and two women, per Lonely Planet.

This new show is just one of Hard Rock Hotel's new offers to its guests. Two new restaurant spaces are also coming to the hotel.

Although the previews are ongoing this week, the official grand opening night will be on April 21 this year. Make sure to reserve your tickets, girls. They are selling out fast.