Celebrities love announcing their activities and experience to the world. But even with all their press advisers and managers ensuring their image remains "clean," some celebrities could still make mistakes. Football star and the other half of the iconic Beckham couple David Beckham received immense backlash from Hongkong citizens after he shared a Facebook status as having enjoyed his time in China when he was in Hongkong for two days.

According to Indian Express, one user responded to David Beckham's Facebook status correcting him that he spent two hours in China and requested to have the status update changed from "Great 48 hours in China" to "Great 48 Hours in Hongkong." Beckham, or possibly Beckham's social media manager, changed the increasingly controversial status update to "Great 48 hours in Shanghai and Hongkong," now infuriating mainland Chinese who felt the move was anti-Chinese.

The truth of the matter was, David Beckham indeed spent time in both Shanghai and Hongkong. He is currently the global ambassador for AIA, an insurance company. According to Travel and Leisure, his status update included a time-lapse video of his activities in both countries for AIA showing him meeting important people, braving traffic and talking on an industry conference.

Aside from his representation of AIA as a global ambassador, David Beckham is set to fill a cameo role in Guy Ritchie's "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword." In one of his Instagram posts earlier than his AIA global ambassador status update, he posted a picture of himself with grisly scars and rotten teeth, which concerned many fans and entertained those who identified the look as made with prosthetics.

Beckham would show as a "disgruntled knight" in the film according to NME. This is not Beckham's first Hollywood cameo appearance. He was once a castaway on BBC's Desert Island Discs.