Any travel application that boasts a 4.3 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store and Google Play is an app worth trying and for Warriors star player Draymond Green, "Hotel Tonight" is an essential app for travel. Itineraries, even for celebrities and athletes, do not always go as intended. Draymond Green's love for the app shows its efficacy in booking lower-priced last-minute accommodations.

According to Afar, Draymond Green is "no stranger to last-minute travel" given his exposure to technology and use of smartphones and technology. What made Green a big fan of the app is because he needs to create last-minute reservations for his mother, who loves watching his games with the Warriors often on short notice.

He himself is also a short-notice traveler during the off-season from the NBA. Green said that when he wants to go somewhere, "Hotel Tonight" has become "a lot easier and more cost-efficient." According to Hotel Tonight's official website, they "remarkably" make it easy to book great hotels at "amazing last-minute rates."

Looking through the application itself, rooms that are not yet taken are listed quickly. Similar to most travel accommodation applications, one can sort the prices according to price, length of stay and other factors, including the hotel ratings. The app's popularity is based on the fact that if an earlier hotel double-books travelers or due to reasons an itinerary changed its location, one could book a new one in the area immediately for affordable prices.

What makes the application popular is its discounted rates and its guaranteed rooms. While the app provides a seven-day early booking option, the app's ace-in-the-hole against other applications is the same-day option - typically seen as a lifesaver for any kind of short-notice situation.

Draymond Green said "Hotel Tonight" had allowed him to find hotels with bathrooms to his liking. In his interview, he said he is meticulous with bathroom and bathrobe quality in his accommodations. He also frequently tours cities he arrives in before or even after his games with the Warriors.