Anyone who thinks that traveling with elegant clothes for dinner and being prepared with proper gear for the next-morning hiking is impossible has not yet seen the crafty way the Duchess of Cambridge deals with her travel fashion. As Duchess, Kate Middleton attends dinners and goes on hikes and sightseeing during her travel and her outfits will always match her activities.

In general, the Duchess goes for a casual approach in most of her clothing pieces - to the risk of the public viewing her as a non-royalty. She wears jeans and leggings to do errands and head to the grocery well protected by bodyguards. During business trips or engagements that involve walking, she would wear a simple blouse donned together with a blazer while wearing her own jeans, focusing attention on her footwear, which is always elegant.

Kate is also a fan of button up shorts, which give her a semi-formal yet adventurous look. Her dress-down look still pairs with her favorite jeans and it strives to focus on simplicity and efficiency especially when she and Duke of Cambridge Prince William take on mountain hikes and long walks after their dinners the previous night.

According to Vanity Fair, when she needs to be both comfortable while being formal and dressed, Kate Middleton could go for her favorite combination. She loves to sport a knee-length dress with short-sleeves that is flattering and comfortable and her always-present boat shoes, which are undeniable effective for formal and informal settings.

In conclusion, to be prepared for anything, Kate's fashion comes with a few select elegant pieces for dinners and formal engagements while carrying along simple wardrobe that could function in multiple roles and occasions. Her trusty boat shoes function as formal and informal wear - greatly reducing her luggage weight in the process.

According to Yahoo! News, the Duchess of Cambridge is a royalty and celebrity but unlike the rest, she is not afraid to repeat her wardrobe. For the common fashionista, her custom designed clothing are rare and beautifully made - and for the Duchess to wear them more than once makes her more endearing to everyone.