The modes of transportations available in the world today are diverse, and for some, it isn't just about the destination itself, for the journey is also something to get excited about. 

Airplanes, buses, ships--these are some of the most common modes of transportation we use for travel. But did you know riding in luxury trains is also a huge travel trend in some parts of the world?

Much like the 1st class cabins in airplanes, these luxury trains are also equipped with amenities designed to make your journey as comfortable as possible, as long as you can shell out the exorbitant costs that come with it. Here are some of the most luxurious trains the world. 

Blue Train, Pretoria to Cape Town, South Africa. The Blue Train started ferrying passengers in 1946, but up to this day their standards never changed and have only improved throughout the years. Along with butler service and elegant lounge cars, this luxury train is a world leader in providing extraordinary service to its guests.

Golden Eagle, Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia. Passengers aboard Golden Eagle are in for a treat- it's a two-week journey and is actually a much improved and luxurious version of the Trans-Siberian Express. A Silver Class ticket costs US$15,895 per person, but the perks included are worth your every penny.

Maharaja Express, India. More like a cruise than a train ride, Maharaja Express is the most luxurious trains in India. It covers many stops along the way, mainly to the most beautiful places in India like Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur, etc. For $3,385, you can have access to this train's two luxurious restaurants, and more.

Seven Stars, Kyushu, Japan. Japan's most luxurious train is always on demand, that's why admission is always based on lottery. Riding in this train features a beautiful land tour of the southern island of Japan, and itineraries vary from 2-4 days. For $2,271 per person, you could experience the finest luxury train service in Japan.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, London to Venice. One of the most coveted train rides in the world, this journey would take you to some of the most beautiful cities in Europe-- London, Paris, Innsbruck, Verona and Venice. Dine on some of the most glorious food you'll ever have in your life, and you will never fall short on the luxury of the sleeping accommodation the Orient Express has for you.