Cooking is a very useful talent. Whipping up delightful dishes will earn you points for popularity, not to mention the lively scene you'll usually host in the dining room.

Impressive cooks also tend to broad out of their expertise. Sometimes, they make time to learn some other cuisines as well, to hone their knowledge for food.

But there's a certain branch of cuisine that will probably make you think twice. In Switzerland, there's a certain restaurant that's offering a cooking class that lets you experiment with the adventurous side of gastronomy. The main star? Insects.

That's right. The Löscher restaurant in Bern is offering an Insect cooking class, where during the sessions, you'll learn how to properly handle and cook different dishes featuring, well, insects.

The first class already commenced last March 6th, although it was only catered to local chefs and restaurateurs. The second class, which will begin on April 3rd, is open to the general public, and it will be headed by designer and events organizer Andrea Staudacher.

The insects that will be featured in the cooking class include grasshoppers, crickets, and flour worms. Apparently, insects are a good alternative source of protein, and they are much easier to cultivate since they do not need much food and water, and they also don't emit greenhouse gasses.

Staudacher and other insect-cooking enthusiasts are actually looking forward to the future of culinary arts and insect cooking. They said it's not surprising that in the coming years, insects will be a star ingredient in international cuisines.

Interested? Check out the class's website for more information. "The special thing is that we cook with our own insects," the website says. "These are bred in the restaurant, fed with scraping waste, bred with their droppings mushrooms and finally the insects (as well as the mushrooms) are processed again in the restaurant! Wow, is not it?! :-)"

"The cooking course also includes a guided tour through this breed, as well as the legal information. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of seats, so please contact us if you are interested. Either at This from the extinguisher or for this time directly with me."