One of the "coolest" cities in America right now is Austin in Texas, a city famed for its edgy, hipster vibe, as it is stereotyped as more open-minded than other cities. It's also a common destination for those who love live music and food. 

There is a new reason to visit this Texan city. After a year of renovation, the locally-famous Austin Motel is now open to the public. Open since 1938, this iconic motel is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. 

Liz Lambert, the head of the hospitality group Bunkhouse, was behin the make-over. The motel is now updated to the latest trends and designs, whilst still retaining the original vibe the motel is famous for.

The over-all structure of the motel wasn't changed, and the renovations can mostly be seen in the interior design. Inside, guests will feel like they've stepped in a 1950's retro joint with the quirky designs and the recurring motifs the hotel still have.

"In terms of the scope of the overall renovation, we wanted to honor the spirit of the motel as it has evolved over time but give it a breath of fresh air and tidy it up a bit. It had accumulated things over the years, and a lot of the renovation was subtraction and cleanup," said Liz Lambert in an interview.

"Previously every room's walls and bedspreads were different, so we lightened things up with white linens and walls, standardized the bedding, added some cool art, built a little market in the lobby, added a bar at the pool. We removed a paved section and added decomposed granite so it was more of a hangout area than a parking lot. Not major changes so much as enhancements.