The US Government warns all spring break travelers to Mexico to consider the dangers US citizens face when heading to and staying in Mexico. The travel advisory states homicide, kidnapping and robbery as common events in most Mexico-traveling US tourists to 14 specific states in the last year.

According to the US State Department, US citizens have been "victims of violent crimes" including "homicide, kidnapping, carjacking and robbery" in 14 out of the 31 states of Mexico. The State Department warns of skirmishes between "rival criminal organizations" and even Mexican authorities in broad daylight.

The travel advisory in the State Department's official website indicates that no US government personnel are to enter any casinos, sports bookings or any gambling establishment. The official statement and website also offers a "state-by-state advisory" for travelers headed into the country.

According to King5 News -- citing TMA Travel Seattle Travel Expert Steve Danishek -- the US State Department issues the same travel security and safety tip in the last few years. After its adverse travel advisory on Mexico, the State Department adds that "the Mexican government dedicates substantial resources" to ensure the protection of tourists in major tourist destinations.

Mexico is an affordable travel destination for most Americans given its proximity to the country and affordable flights or a few hours of car travel. Most college students head to Mexico's popular destinations during spring break given its affordability and refreshing sites. However, criminal activity is particularly high in many Mexican states. Ongoing operations against criminal organizations have also affected the country's tourism.

Places to head to Mexico include Mexico City, which tells of the city and the country's rich historic and cultural background. Ruins of ancient Aztecs and Mayans in the country are a common visit. Younger travelers taking an overnight to a few days of retreat are fond of Mexico's lively nightlife in almost all states of the country.