Anyone who takes a single look at Jamaica's holiday postcards and photos could feel the warmth and energetic sun-soaked appeal of the vacation destination. Upon arrival, any traveler does not only feel the heat, but the brightness and positivity of the destination.Here are five more reasons to travel here for summer.

Jamaican food is more known than Russian cuisine -- the latter a surprisingly beautiful gastronomic experience itself. Jamaican dishes are mostly seafood-based with ackee, a native tree fruit, and saltfish as major players in many national dishes. The lush produce of the land is used by both hawkers and five-star dining venues -- ensuring a healthy and hearty meal for foodies.

All tropical islands have a huge number of bird species. Jamaica is an avian observer's heaven with 29 rare species to see, according to The Metro UK. As they stay all year long due to Jamaica's warm temperatures, more than hundreds of birds could be found even if travelers only observe them through their hotel windows.

Glistening waters is only accessible through licensed tour operators because night swimming is particularly dangerous. But everything one can pay for is worth it -- swim in the glowing waters and even bend or shape them to your will. Some packages include photos of your adventure, but they could be pricey.

Who could ever say no to water sports? Licensed operators guarantee a refreshing water experience all year round. The tropical and warm climate of Jamaica guarantees that all snorkeling and diving activities are colorful and enjoyable. Bluefields Bay' blog, a Jamaican hotel resort, claims that surfers will encounter waves at any time of the year.

Lastly, traveling families with kids will always find kid-friendly activities and facilities including sandcastle-making in beaches to having resorts provide childcare should parents need some time for personal activities. Private resorts with beaches are also available for huge families and private events from both hotel chains and family-run accommodations.