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Travel Improves Health: How Sex, Weight Loss, And Creativity Are Improved By Travel

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Mar 09, 2017 02:45 AM EST

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Traveling is a tried-and-tested way to open one's mind in the form of new cultures, experiences and memories. As the focal point of health is one's mental state, the elation brought by travel improves health -- often in the form of better metabolism, better sexual performance, creativity, and stress management.

According to Travel and Leisure, a new study shows travel is a significant deterrent against cortisol, the hormone that causes stress. The alleviation of stress improves one's mood. Citing Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadpoulos, the reduction of cortisol coupled with "exposure to a healthy amount of sunshine" increases the natural release of serotonin, which calms a person and enables them to try new things, such as fitness and an eagerness for new experiences.

According to Chopra, a 2012 Expedia survey revealed that 89 percent of its respondents found themselves only capable of relaxing after a day into their trip. A 2009 University of Kansas study shows traveling reduces depression levels and improving mental health among its respondents.

Physical activity is a staple in traveling -- either in leisure or backpacking journeys. Walking around the city, or hiking or climbing mountains, are forms of exercises only made better by amazing journeys and thrilling experiences. Mental stimulation created by social interaction and itinerary planning prepares the body for activities, helping functions respond better, including metabolism.

Travel has been a staple for many artists and writers because it quickly enhances moods. New experiences allow the brain to enhance its adaptability to new situations. With new lessons, immersion to different cultures and perspectives, individuals enhance their creativity and need to express their own outlook in a unique way.

An increased connection to others and to one's self drives confidence, which in turn drives inspiration. A better image of one's self inspires others and creates new healthy bonds, which helps in better hormone response.

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