It's only days away until people get to see the annual Super Bloom wildflowers in the Anza-Borrego Desert, where desert lilies, poppies, and lupine wildflowers grow magnificently in the fields. It is expected that the bloom this year would be much earlier and grander because of the torrential rains occurring since December.

Thousands of tourists are expected to visit the desert park to take a glimpse of the unusual white, violet, and yellow flowers blossoming as early as last week. Botanist Jim Dice told the San Diego Union Tribune: "I think we're probably a week or two away from the prime annual wildflower bloom, with plenty of sun this week and 80-degree temperatures, by Friday, Saturday and Sunday we could see a pretty massive bloom. We're just seeing the very beginning of it right now."

Usually, the bloom happens in March to April, but this year, showed flowers popping up as early as February. Visitors at the State Park Visitor Center have already lined up at 8 AM to get to see the flowers.

The purple sand verbena is the most common flower found during the Super Bloom. The Huffingpost describes them to be sweet and sticky, while typically grows in February to May. The Whit Desert Primrose and Desert Sunflowers are also the usual flowers growing on the field.

Not only this year will see an early blooming, but botanists predicted that it would last longer for many annuals like the sunflowers. Kathy Dice, the superintendent of the park and Jim's wife, said annuals and shrubs are growing by the visitor center while wildflowers are seen at the north end of Di Giorgio Road.

The couple agreed that it's been nine years where they saw a good bloom, and it's been almost 20 years since they have seen a "spectacular one." There are also flowers that have not grown for the last six years like Bigelow's Monkey flower and Blazing Stars.