American ice cream shops have perfected the art of ice cream making to the point the certainty of finding good ice cream anywhere in the United States exists. Here are five of America's best ice cream shops.

Down in New Mexico is Taos Cow situated in Arroyo. The cafe specializes in making ice cream using only natural products with amazing unique flavors including Pinon Caramel or even Cafe Ole. The use of natural cow milk from New Mexico makes it a distinct competitor to Italian gelato ice cream, the latter also focused on natural ingredients.

In San Francisco, California is Bombay Ice Creamery. Primarily focused on Indian ice cream, National Geographic raves about its amazing flavors including Chiku, Cardamon, Chai tea, Saffron, Rose and Ginger, ice cream flavors rarely found in India itself. The shop is a must-see or taste indeed.

Capogiro Gelato in Philadelphia works with Amish farmers to create Italian gelatos made by hand. In the true Italian gelato tradition of using only all-natural products, the shop only uses grass-fed cow milk. This produces amazing results in the form of flavors such as Piemonte or hazelnut or even pumpkin-flavored ice cream.

New York ice cream shops are plenty but one with a uniquely great character of dessert stands out. The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York mixes Chinese traditional sweets with ice cream producing memorable flavors including red bean, Zen butter or black sesame. The Daily Meal highly recommends it, and refers to it as an "unofficial New York City landmark."

For bigger swathes of ice cream, Atlanta's Morelli's Gourmet Ice Cream is focused on gelato -- in huge amounts. Waffle bowl ice cream servings house sundaes and even parfaits. The shop focuses on artisan presentation of their desserts, and the flavors introduced visually do not betray diners in Morelli's.