The qualification of an underrated location is one that travelers quickly forget due to hype or is overshadowed by the popularity of another destination. One example is visiting the lovely beauty of Chile, but forgetting all about the forestry surrounding Bolivia in favor of beaches. Here are five more underrated locations you can visit this 2017.

When in Ireland, travelers visit Dublin first. The Irish capital has its rich share of museums, guided tours and offers an amazing experience. Galway is another thing -- travelers who loved "Harry Potter" might find the city more like "Diagon Alley" with its medieval history blending perfectly with the modernized city. The city is renowned for its 70 pubs, according to Trips to Discover.

In Agra, India, tourists would flock to see the richly historic Taj Mahal. The beautiful tourist destination still has its charm and allure despite years of tourism and a hint of corruption affecting the temple's maintenance. But the Golden Temple is a better experience without bigger crowds -- making better options for photo opportunities without huge crowds.

Skipping the historical tour of London, travelers would prefer the London Eye to see the rest of London. One cannot deny the scenic view from the London Eye and its being an absurdly huge Ferris wheel makes it an immense curiosity. However, the Sky Garden is a better option. According to Buzzfeed, head to the Sky Garden and save some pounds, avoid the crowds and pay for nothing.

Need some quiet not too far away? Travelers need only to look to Canada's unusual summer spot Newfoundland. No beaches for sand bums here; Newfoundland is all about fishing, museums, leisurely quiet strolls and wildlife spotting that often rewards efforts with views of lynx, caribou, and moose.

Albania is popular among historians as once a communist powerhouse but failed to mention the country's fate during the fall of its red political ideals. Albania is quite similar to Greece and Italy in many ways from nightlife, beaches and harbor-side dining. Travelers could explore historic ruins dating from the early 7th and 13th century, making it a great alternative to the two more famous destinations.