Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is one of the devices that has drawn interest from many people even before it is released. This new device from the tech giant is said to go head to head with Apple's iPad Pro 2 once it is out. But for now, there are varying reports about its release date.

A YouTube video from Information Technology reveals that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be released on the first quarter of 2017. It is said that it will roll out on April 2017 along with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

It added that the unavailability of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on online stores is an indication that a new flagship will be released soon. But Science Times reports that it appears impossible that the tablet will be out this year since it wasn't announced during the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2017.

During this event, different products in the mobile industry are showcased but it didn't include the Surface Pro 5. Reports indicate that the device wasn't announced during the MWC 2017 because Microsoft doesn't want other devices to steal the spotlight from the hybrid device.

Meanwhile, News4c revealed that there are two recent leaks about Surface Pro 5. One is from the French website of Microsoft wherein a picture entitled Surface Pro 5 was mistakenly uploaded to the site. The second leak is from Toby Fitch, a product designer of Microsoft, who shared a post on LinkedIn about the said product. These leaks are considered a hint that device is definitely on its way.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 features include a stylus, surface dial, cover keyboard and it is packed with a 12.3-inch Ultra HD/4K display with higher RAM configurations. The all-in-one device will run with seventh generation Kaby Lake processors from Intel. It is also expected that it will come with a USB Type-C support and a large battery capacity.

It's specs and features is being compared to that of Apple's iPad Pro 2. Some are saying that the upcoming flagship of Microsoft has more powerful specs that the iPad Pro 2.