As the two-week Bundle Fest ended, Bundle Stars launched its Dollar Ultra Bundle promo beginning March 1. This promo, which ends on March 13, offers 46 Steam Games for only $1. Find out what games are currently on sale.

Gamers will no doubt rejoice with this rare $1 offer which includes titles for sci-fi space runner games, zombie-themed games and immersive RPG titles. With this huge selection of games, game lovers will surely find their favorite titles included in the promo. Apart from that, gamers will find it exciting to try new interesting games as well which they can purchase for only $1.

According to PC Gamer, games that are on sale includes Turbo Pug, Turbo Pug DX, Super Mega Neo Pug, Turbo Pug 3D, Catch a Falling Star, Flesh Eaters,Stone Age Wars, Spikit, Freebie,Laraan, Germ Wars, Super Mustache and Terra.

Aside from that, Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant, Super Space Pug,Shape Shifter, Monster Puzzle, Tinboy, Warriors of Vilvatikta, Drayt Empire, Final Quest, Hyper color ball, Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant, The Tower Of Elements, Cosmic Dust & Rust, and Town of Night are also part of the sale.

Also added to the list are Kivi, Lup, Toilet and Shotgun, Star Fields, Calcu-Late, Clergy Splode, $1 Ride, Escape Machines, Deep Space Dash, Star Drifter, Neon Hardcorps, and New kind of adventure. To complete the 46 video games are Eaten Alive, Stellar 2D, Ampersand, Joana's Life, OR, Final Quest II, The Land of Dasthir, Project Druid - 2D Labyrinth Explorer, Drive Megapolis, and Midnight Carnival.

According to Droid Report, Bundle Stars is based in Staffordshire, England and is one of the two flagship brands of Focus Multimedia, which is a publisher and retailer of video games, mobile apps, and consumer software. Back in 2012, Focus launched Bundle Stars which is a digital store for downloadable computer games.