Switzerland is known for its efficiency that led to great environmental improvement in terms of reducing their carbon footprint. This is why the Swiss Alps still has the sweetest air in the world. John Green thought the smell could be captured in a bottle -- and many more believed so because a single bottle of Swiss mountain air costs about $100-150. 

According to The Local Switzerland, Briton John Green's Mountain Air From Switzerland business is booming -- he has sold the mountain's refreshing cool air worldwide from $97 to $247. In an interview with the local periodical, John Green said the air inside the bottles were not fraudulent because he and his team travel to Zermatt in Switzerland, "bottle the air and bring it back."

Green said his obviously high prices goes to charity -- 25 percent of his profits go to World Vision, a charity that supports cleaner air and water, and less carbon footprint for all countries. He iterated that "everything in Switzerland is expensive" including air and the costs include package and shipping. According to Lonely Planet, Green's bottles come with a certificate of authenticity and a GPS indicator as to where he and his team bottled the air exactly in Zermatt.

Green was not the first person to have the idea for selling fresh air to highly polluted nations. In a report fby CNN, a registered startup company named Vitality Air collects the fresh air of Canada and pockets it into canisters for shipment. Its current biggest market is China. Their canisters sell for less compared to Green's products going about $14 to $20 per canister.

China, along with other developed nations, are seeing an increase in pollution with frequent morning smog becoming thick during winter due to citizens using more gas to keep themselves warm. The World Health Organization has already declared the current state of air pollution as a global threat to health. The highly-priced "thin air" gifts might currently be seen as jokes by many, but if the trend in pollution continues, these bottled air businesses could prosper in a few years.