"One Punch Man" Season 2 fans are still eagerly waiting for the release of their favorite anime. The antagonist of the anime is a bald hero named Saitama who could defeat different villains with just one punch. With the anime still on the works, fans expressed what they want to see in the show. Meanwhile, the strength of Saitama is examined in a video.

Fans on Reddit expressed their desire to see some fights from the manga. Some even pointed out that it would be an eyegasm to see the fight on the television screens. These fights they want featured is the last fight in the manga, fight between Midget and our Caped Baldy, and even the fierce battle of protagonist Saitama and Garou.

One Reddit user even mentioned that the fight of Saitama and Garou is not being emphasized in the manga. This could mean that more important details about the fight is still coming. This would no doubt excite fans even more for the upcoming "One Punch Man" Season 2.

Meanwhile, a video in Because Science YouTube channel discussed an interesting topic that would appeal to fans of the anime. Kyle Hill showed how strong is Saitama by presenting a theory based on what viewers can see and on what the anime character portrays.

The speeds of Boros and Saitama were compared during their fight from which Hill concluded that Saitama's speed could be close to the speed of light by 14 percent. With that, the speed of Saitama's punches is about 43,000 kilometers per second.

The strength of Saitama's punches was also computed using the scene where he stopped a meteorite. According to Hill, it could be about 305, 914, 863 megatons which manifests that anyone within a radius of 1,728 kilometers can be killed instantaneously.

Apparently, fans are expecting to see how Saitama will use such strength and speed in "One Punch Man" Season 2. Followers of the show will then find out if the fighting scenes they are anticipating will be featured in the anime or not.