If workers from decades in the past could talk to their counterparts in the modern world, they would never think of working from anywhere as a possibility until they see it -- and they might probably feel a little jealous. The Internet's widespread implementation on almost everything had enabled working from home or from anywhere including vacation spots -- and "Terminal 3" wants you to work in a different office every month.

From its official website, Mevish Aslam, its Chief Executive, found Terminal 3. In its What We Do section, the company promises to "take care of all the hassle that comes with cross-border traveling" which includes "logistics" in the form of "accommodation and transport." Terminal 3 also doubles as a "career coach" in enabling one to meet their personal, professional and life goals by launching a business -- whether online or offline -- while traveling.

Unlike Busabout's European travel offer to two individuals with experience in photography, video production and logging, Terminal 3 focuses on an individual's personal and career development -- but the company will not pay the individual as an employee. Instead, it would focus on helping remote workers to travel and see the world while overcoming the common obstacles of this employment -- namely loneliness due to lack of human interaction and a sordid, unchanging environment -- by means of a monthly-changing venue for "virtual offices" where they can work with other remote-working individuals.

Most occupations that require a remote internet connection and a virtual office are mostly millenial-generation employment such as website design and development, Internet marketing, online writing and online startup businesses. These have afforded modern employees the ability to work anywhere. Forbes writes that Terminal 3 builds on the idea that workers can see the world while fulfilling their professional and business goals.

As per luxury travel trends -- the idea of working remote also agrees: unique experiences weigh more than financial successes. Luxury travels -- which once focused on relaxation and leisure -- are now focused on the destination and experience's value to an individual regardless of cost. Financial successes with higher salaries are nowadays exchanged with better experience with adequate pay by the younger generation.