Want to travel to Europe's beautiful urban and rural architecture and getting paid in the process? This dream can now be a reality, thanks to one company that says it will pay travelers to take professional photographs of Europe's picturesque sceneries and cover their travel expenses.

According to Travel and Leisure, Busabout -- an online travel website and agency -- is willing to have two candidates live the nomad's dream. Two brand ambassadors must create videos, photos, and detailed storylines including historic notations of different locations that would serve as media for the travel website. To apply, applicants have to submit a YouTube video that highlights their video editing skills featuring their favorite travel destinations.

Thrillist reporyted that the application form itself "is short" and it appears the "big piece" is the YouTube video, which would speak for the applicant's skills and capabilities itself. The report adds that the deadline for the applications is on March 5 and if applicants are successful, the European travel extravaganza/employment would go for a six-month contract. The contract may also indicate the pay -- which was not announced in the initial promotions for the occupation.

Thrillist also lists the potential itinerary to be headed to "Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruges, Budapest, Krakow, Madrid, Nice, Paris" and possibly other European destinations to be announced by Busabout itself. The company has agreed to provide a "daily food stipend" aside from handling all travel, admissions and accommodations.

Aside from taking photographs, performing daily video logs or "vlogs" for travel companies such as Busabout, many other ways to earn a living while traveling also exist. Teaching English in areas where teachers of the global language are needed is one way to travel and see the world while learning a new language. Another is to be a volunteer for organizations such as the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Forms or WWOOF.