"The Walking Dead" is still one of the most watched shows on cable television and has fans tuning in to it every Sunday night for a variety of reasons, and one of them is the fear of finding out which major character will get killed off. Season 7 has seen the deaths of Glenn, Abraham, Spencer, and Olivia, so it is easy to see why many fans today are feeling stressed out at the thought of one of their favourite characters dying.

The second half of season 7 has been focusing more on the plight of Rick and the group, and less on Negan and the Saviours. However, this could all change in the next episode as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will be returning after the Saviors captured Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in the previous episode. Eugene was captured by Negan in the last episode after he revealed he was the one who made the bullet that Rosita used in her attempt to assassinate the Savior's leader.

As you would expect, Negan is not one who reacts well to being threatened and he has already shown what he is capable of as evidenced of how he brutally murdered Abraham and Glenn in an act of revenge. To make matters worse, Daryl (Norman Reedus) has killed Fat Joey (Joshua Hoover) and is now on the run, and Negan is furious over this.

Does this mean Eugene could be the next person to suffer Negan and Lucille's wrath? Comicbook.com believes that Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) could be the next to go as there have already been more than a few clues that seem to suggest her end is near. Sonequa Martin-Green will also be joining the cast of the new "Star Trek" series which only adds more weight to speculation of her death.

The Express reports that the Saviors responsible for allowing Daryl to escape could also be in due for some punishment from Negan. Many believe Dwight (Austin Amello) could be the one who will get punished for this mishap. Negan has already ironed Dwight's face for disrespecting his leadership, so one could only image what he will do to him this time.