If you are one of the many "Wentworth" fans who are hoping that Bea is not really dead, here's bad news for you. Apparently, it's really the end of her. And this will cause Allie's transformation. Fans are expecting that Season 5 will be bloody.

The upcoming season will feature Allie mourning Bea's death. Her lover's demise will definitely change her character, and it's going to be interesting. Bea made her feel normal, despite the fact that they are in prison and there's a lot of tension inside. Bea is the love of her life and without her, Allie is crushed.

Bea was locked up in prison due to the attempted murder of her husband, IMDB said. She and Allie were romantic, so fans can just imagine the heartbreak Bea's death caused to Allie. Which is why for Season 5, we must all prepare for Allie's revenge.

Bea has been the central character of "Wentworth" and it's going to be hard to not see her when the series returns this year. Foxtel Networks released an official teaser, and in the video, a hand holding a rose can be seen in the background. There is also a bunch of roses under Bea and Allie's name inside a heart.

Fans say that the hand with a rose is Allie's, and this marks what's going to hopefully be a bittersweet revenge. In the video, when the camera zooms in closer to the heart, a voice said: "Love never dies." The screen then turns black and "Wentworth" along with the caption "new season" a shown.

The reason why "Wentworth" has a huge following is because it tells the truth about prison life. Sure, it's dark and violent, but it's realistic, TV Guide said. Also, the characters give their roles justice, and the show just keeps you guessing. No one really thought Bea would die, but then she did, and that's one twist fans never expected.