The cast of "Alaskan Bush People" is facing another controversy. The popular TV series about naturalist and adventurer Billy Brown and his family has been plagued with issues about the authenticity of the show, even legal issues.

Now, it's Noah's girlfriend's turn to be in the spotlight. Reports say that Rhain Merrill attended a hearing in Juneau Trial Court on January 19. But it is only because she just wanted to change her name. The 26-year-old's request was granted.

Merrill has been credited as Rhain Alicia, but her birth name in Oregon is Ruth Alisha Merrill. The new name according to court documents is Rhain Merrill. Is there going to be another name change in the near future? There have been reports that Noah and Rhain may soon get married.

According to Alaska Dispatch News, Noah finds love in Rhain, and was even quoted saying that when he meet Rhain, his "heart wasn't working." "I guess it started beating," he added.

His brother Bam also found love, and People reported that he had said that he felt like "it was the right time" to follow his heart. He is going to make some major adjustments to life in the lower 48, but it's all going to be for love.

"Alaskan Bush People" tells the story about a family of nine, who strives to be self-sufficient, and shunning modern society and technology to live in the wilderness. Billy and wife Ami found home in the last frontier, and they have spent the last 30 years raising their children.

However, there have been several reports claiming that the family is not a stranger to technology at all. There have been pictures circulating online showing that some of the children have had encounters with technology. Also, there are rumors that the family is actually pretty rich. These controversies just make a lot of people get curious about the "Alaskan Bush People" series even more.