Road trips are fun, until you find yourself in an off-beaten path filled with deadly sharp curves, deep ravines, and the kind of drive that will make you fear for your life. Roads may be really essential for the movement from one destination to the other, but in some cases, it doesn't hurt to just stay put.

The World Health Organization has declared the years 2011-2021 "A decade of action for road safety," but some roads are really just too dangerous to drive safely. So before you fill up your car tank and have the road trip of your life, take note of these roads that are proven to be some of the most dangerous in the world:

Pan-American Highway, Alaska to Argentina. Deemed as the "longest motorable road in the world", traversing in this 30,000 mile-highway would certainly leave you off your car for quite some time. Spanning from Alaska to South America, you would have to get past jungles and glaciers and mountains before you get to your destination. Now if you're not careful, this might be the last drive of your life.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia. This road is famed due to its tendency to claim around 200-300 lives each year. Because of its narrow path and absence of proper road blockings, buses and trucks usually collide and fall in the valley down the road. It's named "The Road of Death" by the locals.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China. It's amazing how some drivers brave this road as it looks like somebody just hastily carved up some space on the side of the mountain. This road is not properly paved and avalanches tend to happen regularly without warning. According to reports, there are 7,500 deaths for every 100,000 drivers who drive this road. Care to try your luck?

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand. You have to get a special permit first before you'll be allowed to drive on this road. The reason? It entails a really narrow path on the side of a cliff which can only accommodate one car way. The views around the road are remarkable, but if you don't want to die just yet, don't take your eyes off the road.