Sometimes, people just want to walk and travel long distances either for reasons of diet or health or because the mountains are quite far away. Urban hikes are also convenient for distance walkers who want to perform some fitness exercises heading to and from work to home. These five destinations in the United States and Europe have some amazing urban hiking trails that would leave hiker exhausted or wanting more.

According to Hopper, the Berlin Wall Trail in Germany is a lovely trail of memory and history. The wall -- which was meant to divide Germany from East to West due to conflicting ideals -- starts from Potsdamer. Along the way, Hopper lists that travelers could see Checkpoint Charlie, Bernauer Strasse and memorials to those who have fallen during the conflicted era of Germany

Hopper also suggests the London Thames Path, which it describes was once a sight of "tall ships that poured out spices, sailors and slaves" during the early centuries of Britain. The news website estimates it to be a 184-mile riverside trail that sees the Big Ben, the London Eye and a view into the Docklands.

Go Ape has plenty of suggestions of urban hiking trails in the United States. New York's Central Park has an 843-acre of carefully maintained greenery in a city of bustling urban activities. The length itself is enough to motivate one into seeing the entire park including its wildlife sanctuary while passing by boathouses, lawns and the Beldevere Tower.

In California is Mission Bay Park which, according to Go Ape, has about 4,000 acres for "hiking, fishing, water sports and an off-leash dog park." Indeed these sound like amazing ways to relax during a weekend -- and possibly a great workout itinerary post-work should the park be in one's route. In fact, the park itself has 12 miles of hiking paths according to Go Ape.

Outside of Europe and US is Cape Town in South Africa with its amazing cliff-tops showcasing the amazing view of Cape Town while just being distant. According to Hopper, there is always the Orange Kloof Forest on top and the ascent of Table Mountain downwards.