Before the Internet was the TV -- the first form of mass communications in the world. Travelers not too keen on using smartphones and the Internet will want their usual non-cable television shows. Portable TVs are also entertaining if travelers wish to watch some TV while traveling in the car or even while camping. If travelers need one, here are the best five that offers great value for money this 2017.

According to Wiki, for travelers that prioritize portability more than screen size could find the RCA DHT235A as a great option. Most reviewers from Amazon also agree -- the TV has poor audio performance when not using headphones but is a great option for a TV that is of "an old analog style" and is truly useful for "hurricane survival," as noted by other users.

Another suggestion by Wiki is another RCA product, the RCA T227. The television -- according to Amazon specifics -- gives the television a 7" portable widescreen LCD TV and a detachable antenna. As per reviewers, the TV is amazing outdoors only if one purchases the antenna. Most antennas for portable TVs are sold separately -- and most increase the number of channels the device receives effectively.

Haier's LCD TV looks like a tablet device except it is not touch screen. The TV also has multiple resolutions according to AMATop10 Reviews. Highly rated by most reviewers, one cites that the television is effective in receiving a multitude of TV frequencies including traditional analog TV and even digital cable TV. The antenna, according to some, is an important part of the device to work effectively and produce a clear picture of channels.

The Pegasus 7" Digital TV is said to be useful only for indoor use, but its size allows it to be portable -- albeit possibly in not too rugged destinations. While almost all the aforementioned TV models have rechargeable batteries, many note that this TV has the most user-friendly interface and ultra-sensitive tuner.

Philips 7 Inch LCD Portable TV is also a DVD player -- making it the bulkiest choice in the list. But watching DVDs and the option to use USBs makes this TV a lifesaver if travelers are running low on smartphone batteries. Even though it is a Philips product, the audio's quality is a bit off -- yet does well with headphones.