Telecommuting is a lifestyle now. You get to go on a cruise while working. It has become more convenient for a lot of people today to multitask because of new tools or technological innovations that certainly made everyday tasks pretty easy and organized.

Traveling has been like a basic drive and need for many people; which also necessitates the best and recent technological innovations to make your travel comfortable, connected, and fun all the same time. Here are the top 3 technological innovations that are sure to revamp the way you travel this 2017.

Epiphany Eyewear. If you think Google Glass could be too pricey, then this one would allow you to shoot HD video right from this stylish eyewear without going bonkers on the budget. Price starts at just $300 and this has a built-in HD camcorder that will let you shoot moments of your travels discreetly or while working on a video for a news cover.

This is also made of titanium and plastic frames which makes it really durable as well. You can then connect this to your laptop to move files and share via social media. At one-fifth the price of competition, this really gets you ahead of the game.

LOOP Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger. Like many people-on-the-go, you would have a lot of gadgets to carry while traveling so make sure that you keep everything powered up. Ths has two built-in USB ports and a travel adapter which is great for charging up different gadgets all at the same time - like your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Ipad Keyboard Case. Some people would ditch the laptop and just bring a tablet of iPad for convenience. Apple's Software Keyboard is great as this provides you a full QWERTY keyboard and it actually automatically switches the keyboard into typing mode and switches the keyboard off too when in view mode. This is great if you want to convert your iPad into a laptop or a Macbook for work or just for checking on emails.

Everything is radically fast-paced in real-time if you notice. While, yes, practically time waits for no one; time has advanced as well in sync with the technological progress. You gotta keep up or be left behind. Even gadgets nowadays become obsolete faster than usual which makes a lot of developers think of more ways to innovate and pull everything a notch higher to keep up with the demands. The above technological innovations would get you up and running while you're in a hiatus somewhere.