Ever had that precious moment slip without being caught on camera? You're not alone. Many travelers have let slip these moments due to a variety of reasons. So to avoid missing out, here are our top 5 must-have travel essentials and gadgets for getting the most out of your travel escapades.

Travel Adapters & Powerbanks: It's A Disaster To Run Out Of Power

It really is a disaster if you're exploring a scenic location or you've seen something so rare and your camera and video system had ran out of juice. So better have different travel adapters. Remember that the charging ports answers to different international standards depending on which country or continent you are. Also, it is important to bring a power bank just in case you needed backup power on the go.

Smartphone, Camera And Video Systems, & Spare Memory Cards: Capture The Moment

Of course, smartphones and camera and video systems are definitely a must when you are traveling. How else can you take that image home without image capture devices? However, make sure to pack spare memory cards so you can be as trigger-happy as you like.

DJI Osmo Mobile: Need We Say More?

Now that you have your smartphone, camera, memory card, and full charge of power, it's time to start capturing the moment. However, many people have reported being disappointed with their still shots or videos due to the shakiness of the device. Do not fret, DJI's Osmo Mobile can remedy that.

As we have previously reported, the Osmo Mobile utilizes a gimbal system that can eliminate the shaking of your smartphone. It also provides a number of functions, such as the facial-tracking feature, that will make your shots better. For more a full review of the Osmo Mobile, watch the video below.

GlocalMe: Internet Connectivity

Another important thing to bring during your travels is this device called GlocalMe. GlocalMe provides Internet Access to travelers in over 100 countries. Instead of looking for a cafe with wifi, or check for directions, or just for uploading your videos and pictures for backup, having Internet connectivity is now a must for travelers.

Sea to Summit daypack: Storage

You have your travel essentials and gadgets ready to go, now you need a reliable storage bag to accommodate them. The Sea to Summit is waterproof and does not take up much space in your luggage or backpack. It can accommodate all your important stuff while still having enough room for snacks!

There you have it, our top 5 must-have travel essentials and gadgets for getting the most out of your travel escapades. You will never be caught unawares or miss a once in a lifetime shot of a precious scene. Enjoyed this top 5 tips? Find out more by visiting our website!