Long weekends are great times to spend an off-country vacation but the chances of long weekends occurring could be immensely rare. Two-day weekends are quick enough to pass and they leave most getaway families tired than they were the Friday before and left to wonder at the quick manner the weekend passed. To maximize weekend getaways, these five can help.

Staycations can be fun and the least expensive of all weekend getaway trips anyone including their families could enjoy. Almost every city in the world has its rich number of museums, art galleries and amazing sights. Staying at five star hotels overnight is an affordable and satisfying way to guarantee a relaxing two-day weekend getaway.

According to Forbes, trying new things is apparently a good weekend recreational activity -- playing newbie golf is one. This allows weekend escapees to enjoy something non-routine, different and potentially exciting -- a great recharge for another grinding week ahead.

According to Real Simple, camping -- if done right -- is a great change of scenery for a two-day getaway. Real Simple recommends gauging one's want to "rough" the experience -- which means campers can choose to stay in and enjoy the quiet or just read a book or tread the wild by going on a hike or even living inside a tent.

From Real Simple comes the suggestion of renting a house. Airbnb makes it easier to find a house in your location to stay in. Staying in a new house is similar to getting used to a new environment and a two-day getaway makes it a better experience for groups of friends or even a family to enjoy new scenery.

The simplest way to enjoy a great two-day weekend getaway anywhere is to deviate from one's normal activities. Botch routines by enjoying an amazing meal in a restaurant never before dined in. Enjoy an amazing day by going to new venues one has yet to see. It can be similar to a staycation -- but this type of two-day recharging can take place anywhere.