The Indian Association Of Tour Operators or IATO said that any travelers heading to India could get Indian network SIM cards easily in the country. Previous troubles of having to go through "red tape" that could eat up an entire day for tourists to receive a single SIM card for instant communication and smartphone Internet access in the country.

When arriving in the Indira Gandhi International Airport, the IATO said travelers who have their e-visas ready could receive a SIM card once they are about to exit the airport. BSNL -- the local Indian telecom operator -- would provide the SIM cards immediately. As soon as travelers present their e-visa and their actual passport's identification page, they could receive a SIM card that activates immediately.

E-visas have been India's way of boosting tourism in its country. It allows foreign visitors from 150 countries apply their visa for only a week if they provide the necessary qualifications from their home countries.

According to, the SIM Card facility is available in the T3 Terminal of the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The SIM is to include the new Mobile Service where travelers could get any assistance regarding information about certain locations, reservations and security concerns. adds that the Ministry of Tourism in India is trying to improve its tourism by further optimizing trouble areas as most travelers would want to use their phone and access the Internet on the go. Most resort to using calling cards and depend heavily on hotel and lodging WiFi to access information and social networks.

According to Tourism Minister Dr. Mahesh Sharma, the free SIM cards would help travelers communicate with everyone in their smartphones for their needs and other necessities. Sharma said his inspiration was Sri Lanka -- whose government readily handed visa holders a free SIM card during their stay.

According to Mashable, India was the 38th most visited place in 2014 and a small fraction of its economy rests on Tourism. Planning to increase tourism revenue, the free SIM card program aims to make India a safer and tech-oriented travel destination.