There are times when no specific word can describe a feeling, situation or emotion. However, some countries do have specific romantic expressions to describe particular things which not present in the English language. Here are some of them.

Mamihlapinatapai. According to The Date Report, this word is a Guinness World Record holder for being the "most succinct word." This word means a meaningful wordless look shared by two individuals hoping that either will offer to do something which both parties desire but are unwilling to do.

Gigil. This Filipino word refers to the irresistible desire to pinch, bite or squeeze something that is extremely cute and adorable--like the feeling that you get when you see a really cute baby that you want to hug so tight but you know you can't.

Viraag. Have you ever felt extreme emotional pain when you are separated from someone or when you are away from something? That kind of feeling is best described by this Hindu word.

Cafune. According to Expediathis word means the act of running your fingers through your beloved's hair. This relaxing notion is described in just one Portuguese word.

Oodal. Have you ever got into an argument with your lover but find it too petty yet still want to continually pretend you're still mad? Well, that's Oodal, a Tamil word.

Bakku-Shan. This word will remind you of a common scene where one is attracted to a passing girl but find her unappealing when she reveals her face. This Japanese word describes a girl who only catches the eye's attention from behind.

Forelsket. This word happens because of hormones or youthful spice. But this Norwegian word refers to the intoxicating euphoria and joy of first love.

Kummerspeck. Most girls would definitely relate to this word. It means the unsolicited weight gain due to emotional eating coping mechanism.

There are more romantic expressions around the world that are specifically describing situations, emotions and feelings. It's quite interesting to know how a long description in English is just bottled in one word in other countries.